• Physical and psychological portrait

    Physical: Johnny Depp is not very tall: he is one meter 78 tall. He has brown eyes. His hair is black but it could be another colour when he plays in a film. He sometimes wears glasses.

    Johnny is reputed to have a personal dress style. As a matter of fact the famous actor can wear T-shirt or Jeans with holes. He doesn't like suit! He often has rings or pendants. He also has tatoos. It’s his style and he is proud of it!

     Johnny Depp

    Psychological: When he isn’t on the shooting, Johnny Depp is a very simple person who enjoys life! He is very social: he has a lot of friends and loves to talk with different person. He is interested in all the strange things and it’s one of the reasons why he likes working with Tim Burton.  Besides he often plays funny or eccentric characters with lots of make-up, like a 200-years old vampire in Dark Shadows or Jack Sparrow in the four Pirates of the Caribbean films. Finally Johnny Depp is very fond of music since his childhood. “Music was like life. I had found a reason to live” he said.


    Charlotte Chavanon