• Biography


    Johnny Depp was born on June 9th 1963 in the Kentucky. He has two sisters and one half-brother. He lived a difficult and dispruted adolescence. The divorce of his parents will not settle things. Nervetheless, he will get to like the music. Depp left school at 15 years old to follow his dream. He played guitar in a few groups, and open concerts for some of the world’s most popular artists. Depp stopped playing music after he got a role in TV series 21 Jump Street, which help to star his acting career. Music also influences his film roles: he based Jack Sparrow on Keith Richards, the guitarist in the Rolling Stones. Johnny Depp made lots of movies.


    These last movies are:


    -         Alice in Wonderland

    -         When you’re strange

    -         The Tourist


    -         Rango

    -         Pirates of the Carribbean

    -         The Rum diary


    -         Dark Shadows

    -         Jack and Jill

    -         21 Jump Street


    -         The lone ranger


    Joséphine Boumier